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CA Malaysia Companies Act, 2016 (Act 777) SME Small and Medium Enterprise
MIT Malaysian Income Tax Act, 1967 BHD Public Company
BRA Business Registration Act, 1957 LA Local Authority
SB Private Limited Company RM Ringgit Malaysia

Exploration Guide

Your exploration of your business ventures in Malaysia will be accompanied by the general Malaysians who are quite linguistic. The Malaysian education system and the culture together with the different races within the community have provided generations with the skill of understanding and communicating in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin. Moving around within Malaysia hence shall not be a concern.

Malaysian food is generally a little more spicy, however, the cuisine of your taste is easily found within the cities in Malaysia.

In general, the average spending for a decent lodge in a hotel together with self dining and a little bit of local traveling with cab and commuters would be approximately RM1,000 a day.

Business hour in Malaysia are at the usual 9 - 5. Shopping malls will be at 10 - 10; pubs will be at 2 - 2; convenient chain is 24 hours.

A taste of the local specialty at the “Mamak” shop is a must. Most of them operate throughout the Nite. The Mamak serve a variety of cuisine with the blended aroma of Indian, Malay and Chinese. Try the “teh tarik”, which is the mere Ceylon tea, blended with milk, not the taste but the style of preparing it, you might be amazed.